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Grundtvig Learning Partnership CORDERA and "The Day of the regions"

Rural areas are the backbone of Europe. Places where, for example, food is being produced and people can enjoy nature and tranquillity. Inhabitants are often proud of their region and are often volunteering to organise a variety of activities. It is often perceived that rural regions have little to offer a modern society in relation to larger towns and cities. The perception can be that of a high rate of unemployment, diminishing and ageing population and a distinct lack of good standard facilities. Whilst these issues are faced in rural communities, the reality is that they are sometimes simply forgotten about, until rural ambassadors raise the profile of these regions!

CORDERA - “College On Regional Development European Rural Areas"
CORDERA is a European partnership between organisations from the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Poland, Finland and Austria. Between 2011-2013 the partners visited and learned from each other on the field of rural development.
CORDERA aims to showcase the beauty, possibilities and strengths of the rural area’s across Europe and help people in these regions to fight the negative self-impression and national perception. CORDERA partners organise activities with and within local communities throughout the year and encourage people to learn from each other.
CORDERA can help you when you are planning an activity in your region, have questions about (European) cooperation or just want to talk about the region!

"Day of the Regions"
One of the tools they used was the ‘Day of the Region’, an event in which the rural area’s present themselves and celebrate the variety of activity that exists within our rural regions across Europe. One aim is establishing permanent networks.

The main ideas in Germany:

  • Protecting the employment with decentralized structures
  • Regional value creation through regional economic cycles
  • Maintenance of product quality and healthy nutrition through crafts work
  • Maintenance of biodiversity through environmentally rural agriculture
  • Improvement of quality of life and living conditions
  • Energy saving and CO2 reduction through short ways

Dag van de Regio key objectives in the Netherlands:
To stimulate

  • people to discover the / their (own) region and find out more about its hidden potentials
  • regional development and strengthen the bottom up process amongst others through cooperation
  • rural tourism

Day of the Region key objectives in Scotland:
To encourage local people to volunteer

  • to encourage people to engage more within their local communities
  • to strengthen connections between communities in D&G
  • to encourage more people to be active
  • to encourage people to continue to learn new skills
  • to encourage networking and exchange of knowledge between communities
  • to strengthen links between communities and public sector agencies
  • to raise confidence and encourage a sense of pride in the area
  • to encourage wider networking and cooperation with international partners

More information: the Day of the Region in Germany

More information: the Day of the Region in the Netherlands

More information: the Day of the Region in Scotland

"The CORDERA-outcomes"
The ultimate goal of the partnership is the creation of a manual and a curriculum. With these products inhabitants from rural regions will hopefully be enthused and feel able to start their own events and activities to develop their own region - their "Day of the Region". The CORDERA partners therefore not only disseminates and share best practices but also help to stimulate rural area’s from the bottom-up! You can find contact details for each partner in the manual.

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