College On Regional Development European Rural Areas "CORDERA"

In College On Regional Development European Rural Areas (CORDERA) partners from six different European countries will (re)develop an instrument of developing rural area’s with a combination of informal and non formal education. This approach combines theory with practice and will lead to community building and social activation.

CORDERA is the result of an on-going international exchange from current and future partners that started in 1999 around the so-called Day of the Regions (DotR). CORDERA is focused upon overcoming typical rural problems as decrease of population, high unemployment and the reduction of facilities by providing inhabitants with theoretical and practical tools to see and take opportunities in their region. Ranging from the formation of a local ‘meeting point’ to specific courses on research or marketing in and of the region.

The possibilities of CORDERA have been explored during a preparatory visit (funded by Grundtvig) in Berlin with six of the partners in January 2012.  During this meeting the partners agreed that the approach to overcome typical rural problems must be a mixture between theory and practice, with dissemination on multiple levels. Therefore the following approach has been developed:
1) three days international meetings, day 1) a meeting between the managers/teachers from the partners, day 2) thematic seminar for all inhabitants and day 3) excursions to local projects that reflect the CORDERA approach.
2) continuous local projects and lectures in which the knowledge and experiences from the international meetings are spread out among inhabitants of rural areas.

CORDERA is a new and essential phase in the redevelopment of the DotR concept into an instrument for educating adults in European rural areas and developing the region.