Bundesverband der Regionalbewegung (DE)

The "Bundesverband der Regionalbewegung (BRB)" (Federal Association of Regional Movement (FARM)) was founded on the basis of the nationwide action-alliance "Day of the Regions". The "Day of the Regions" takes place annually since 1999 on the harvest festival in Germany. Meanwhile, over 1.200 events nationwide each year give more than a million people an idea of regionalism and sustainability in an entertaining way.

The "Day of the Regions" aims to establish links in a broad public awareness between the own (economic) actions and their environmental and social impacts, like an education for sustainability. It is an environmentally activity, especially shown in the area of sustainable consumption patterns. People should understand how their personal behaviour causes directly to their living environment and affects their quality of life. In the "Federal Association of Regional Movement" varied activities are combined in a sustainable development and already existent beginnings are supported and cross-linked through further pulses. According to the FARM, an economic policy based on regional business cycles is an important contribution to secure and create jobs, maintain regional identity and improve the quality of life.

The statues of the association are in particular:
- public information and education, particularly in the areas of consumer advice and consumer protection, nature conservation and environmental protection
- organisation in which you can exchange your experiences, set up a network and bundle the interests of regional initiatives
- perception of contacts with public facilities as well as cooperation with academic institutions
- support of the location factor culture through collaboration on projects, that serve sustainable development of living conditions as well as the creation of innovative milieus in the regions
- promoting an active civil society

Bundesverband der Regionalbewegung e.V. /BRB
Hindenburgstr. 11
91555 Feuchtwangen

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