Länsi-Saimaan kehittämisyhdistys ry (FI)

Länsi-Saimaan kehittämisyhdistys ry is a Local Action Group for rural development located in Lappeenranta region in Southeast Finland. The main aims are to improve life circumstances and well being of the inhabitants in rural areas as well as to create and develop small-scale entrepreneurship and business life. Leader-method means bottom up approach, encouraging and activating local people for development and co-operation. Rural areas have possibilities to offer for the welfare of itself and of the whole region. People should be made more aware of these possibilities: rural life, products and services being regularly presented and marketed for local people and visitors for instance in town events will increase the awareness and help image building. Because of few people and long distances co-operation, networking and sharing tasks in all cases are important. Our specific role in this project is motivating and activating local people, companies and associations, with help of previous experiences in different places and with help of experienced Grundtvig partners. This transnational learning-teaching dimension is new for our village people and will inspire them as well as inform visitors and big audience about this kind of concrete transnational co-operation in the EU.

Länsi-Saimaan kehittämisyhdistys ry
Raatimiehenkatu 17 C 15
FIN-53100 Lappeenranta

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