Stichting Dag van de Regio (NL)

Stichting Dag van de Regio is responsible for the development of the concept of Day of the Regions in Groningen (2004). It is also the organisation that is primarily responsible for the organisation of the Day of the Regions in Groningen since 2004 and the transfer of information concerning the concept to partners that are interested in developing their own variation of the original concept and helping them to implement this and spreading the information throughout their own area.

The Day of the Regions is (1) a yearly event and (2) a platform, active during the rest of the year, were different social groups can meet, information and knowledge can be exchanged and general educational activities are organised.

The countryside of Groningen is a disadvantaged area with a decreasing population and unemployment as a structural problem caused by a structural shift in the regional economy from agriculture and fishing to a new and wider kind of rural economy. By stimulating the cooperation between local organisations and entrepreneurs and network formation the regional social and economic structure can be improved and strengthened.

Stichting Dag van de Regio
p/a Stationsstraat 85
9679 EC Scheemda