Stowarzyszenie "Dla Dawnych Odmian i Ras" (PL)

For Old Varieties and Breeds (DDOiR) is an association working in the field of biodiversity in agriculture. The main goals are: the sustainable development of the polish countryside, with special focus on the conservation and growth of genetic resources and agricultural biodiversity; the development and spread of organic and biodynamic farming methods, as well as the development of local food processing for organic and agricultural biodiversity products. This aims are achieved through: inspiring local communities to undertake actions helping to conserve agricultural biodiversity by making it profitable - organic farming, local food-processing and traditional food products; education to raise awareness among local communities and rural areas inhabitants about organic farming, biodynamic farming, agricultural biodiversity, animal welfare and natural heritage. The DDOiR reaches its goals by helping to multiply genetic resources, and linking together different actors and interest groups: farmers-producers-food processors-retailers and distributors around the organic and agricultural biodiversity food products. Since 2009 DDOiR is organizing international conferences "Mission Biodiversity", where people from abroad and from the region are coming together; discuss the importance of local and regional actions to protect the diversity and tradition, to build networks. The exchange of know-how and other partners experience will contribute to increasing our knowledge, will help us better and more effectively build regional cooperation - between all social groups - from young to elder, from producer to consumer - what is of a high importance for the sustainable development of polish country side.

Stowarzyszenie "Dla Dawnych Odmian i Ras"
Pokrzydowo 139
87-312 Pokrzydowo

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