Schlierbach/Krems (AT) Mai 2013

The townscape is being marked by the Cistercian abbey Schlierbach. The abbey houses one of the most magnificent churches of Austria, a show cheese dairy, a glass painting atelier along with a gallery named after Margret Bilger, an educational center and the so called “Genusszentrum”. Despite this richness of cultural offers, Schlierbach managed to preserve its atmosphere of a small village. The appealing combination of nature, culture and delicacy can be found here. It´s more than being a guest, it´s being part of all these beautiful things nature offers, going on an expedition with children, observing wildlife, walking or hiking, being active and meeting new people or just forgetting the dull of everyday life. Schlierbach is a village, where traditional values are being treasured and passed on through generations and where hospitality is ranked first. Whether good traditional fare, Nouvelle Cuisine or ingenious creations – the local gastronomy offers delicacies which are primarily being based on regional farmers’ products.

Manageable but not too small, in the midst of nature but centrally located, a bit urban yet rural – Kirchdorf offers much that determines quality of living. The dominant gothic church with its impressive baroque tower, its remarkable winged altar and its beautiful late gothic southern portal is eponymous for Kirchdorf. The cultural offer of this small city is of astonishing diversity and quality, it tries to cover all aspects of cultural life. Moreover is Kirchdorf the only township which still houses its own cinema. Kirchdorf presents itself as shopping city with short ways, best service, well sorted range and special flair. The weekly farmers´ market on Mondays and Friday’s fresh market vitalize the town center. An open-air bath, an indoor swimming pool along with sauna and steam bath, tennis courts, a fitness center, a network of rambling trails, curling places and an ice rink build the cities sports facilities. From the long-established “Kremstaler” fare to the famous chocolate specialties and “Kesselheiße”, Kirchdorfs gastronomy has much to offer.

The Projects


Open technology laboratories (OTELO) are dedicated to the idea of offering open space for creative and technical activities. Experienced teams are ready to offer support with developing ideas, participating in experimental activities and also with designing and executing projects. OTELO can´t be considered a traditional educational institution, but rather an inspiring recreational facility for creative spirits and communities. Pressure in all terms is left out, everyone works by his own pace and goals. Thus OTELO is also dealt as new form of youth work. Since the foundation in 2010 there were 5 OTELOs established in Upper Austria as well as 1 in Angermünde (Germany).


Carried out in the region Steyr –Kirchdorf, the project MehrWertGeld empowers people to invest in their own region and enable sustainable development. Savers may decide which of the promoted projects they would like to support with their saving deposits. On the other hand applicants of credits can submit projects, which will be tested in borrowing capacity and worthiness of being supported. The money is being stored on an escrow account.

Zeitbank 55+

Zeitbank 55+ is a nonprofit association which actively supports neighbourly help and altruism. Achieved and consumed hours are being booked on so called time accounts. With their saved credits, members can in return get help from other members, for example gardening or shopping. The association´s goal is to help their members to stay independent for as long as possible and to be able to enjoy a high quality of life in their familiar surroundings.


Create Your Region is a cooperation project between Ars Electronica, OTELO and six LEADER regions, that offers professional support for local and regional youth to design, develop and implement their ideas. At the same time they are activated to create their own living environment. Anyone interested is invited to contact the regional office or just post his ideas directly on the website. Support teams will then offer their assistance.

Schlierbacher Bauernmarkt

The 1986 founded farmers’ market in Schlierbach, launched by a dedicated teacher, soon became an outstanding farmer-to-consumer direct marketing model. Its success comes from the commendable collaboration between all participants. The project doesn’t only offer an attractive market for farmers, but also gives valuable impulses for traders and ensures a diverse offer of regional specialties. The project farmer’s market has been realized in many different places.